Checking in at Cotton Fitness Club is a bit like checking into a five-star hotel.


On site, Cotton Fitness Club’s team of trainers, therapists and nutritionists are dedicated to creating personalised workout and lifestyle programmes and goals.


Authentic, real, and personalized, one of Cotton Fitness Club’ goals is to make members look good, feel free and be carefree in an exclusive VIP environment. Free to be private and undisturbed, free to be part of a great scene, free to plan or free to be impulsive.


Cotton Fitness Club’ lounge area features the latest and best in international health, beauty, lifestyle and fashion magazines. Lockers are oversize with plenty of room for all personals and come with a free supply of complimentary premium towels, shampoos, lotions, and more.


Cotton Fitbox features a Functional Training Hall including Barbells, Kettlebells, Cardio, Jump Boxes, Boxing, Skipping and more.


Outdoor Classes include Running, Hiking, Extreme Hiking, Cliff Jumping, Free Diving, Paddle-boarding, Yoga and more.